Friday, October 19, 2012

Voting... There's NO Excuse not to!

Normally, I don't get 'all worked up' when election time comes around... But this year seems different to me for many reasons; one being the fact that I have a daughter who is now an adult. I want her future to be full of joy, and purpose; I feel one cannot exist without the other.

I won't get into my political preference but I must share this bit of family information (the reason it finds its way into my genealogy's blog); it is the source of pride in my roots and, as I sometimes reflect, disappointment in my (former) self. There were years (I am ashamed to say) that I didn't vote.  I felt as though my voice did not- in the big picture- matter. That what was to be in an election- would be- with or without my vote. 

When I had my daughter in 1986 I realized that my one vote DID matter and, that one day my daughter's vote would matter as well. Many women before me had fought for their right to make their voices heard. Who was I to blatantly through that right away? I realized it was not only my right and my duty, it was my privilege as a citizen of this great country to do what I can to make my voice heard; to make a difference with it.

However, if I faulter, if I begin to think that my vote doesn't matter, I pull out an old local newspaper clipping written in December of 1960. It is about my maternal grandmother, Mary Campbell Macdonal Gordon b: 1898 Ecclefechan, SCT d: 1960 Danville, PA; USA. My "Nanna" saw to it that her voice was heard, that her vote-as a naturalized American citizen- mattered, and that her privilege was exercised. She was carried to the polls to make her choice; she died a few weeks later.

My gratitude is great for my Nanna (and Pappa) for bringing my mother to this country; also to my paternal grandparents who came here from Italy. They all became American citizens and they all voted.  At times, when I take the many things which I have been afforded here in this nation for granted, all I need do is open my heart and listen... The blood that courses through my veins coursed in hearts from two other lands; hearts that struggled, succeeded, and loved this country as their own.

How could I, the granddaughter of ancestors who longed and worked for the privilege to vote, think my voice didn't matter?!?!?!?

On election day...PLEASE exercise your privilege and VOTE!


Monday, September 24, 2012

One in the same? Absolutely!

I have been doing relentless research into the identity, and outcome, of an ancestor who was an absolute mystery to me. I am happy to be able to say that the mystery has been solved!
My father's baby book (compliment's of Borden in 1915) was filled out by an aunt whose name I had never heard mentioned by my parents or my father's family. The entry read (regarding the filling out of the book) "his Zia Alexandrina". And so the search was on- for 6 years!
Long story short...SOMEWHERE along the line my great Aunt Alessandrina became, my great Aunt Lizzie with whom I was very familiar! A friend of mine- who is fluent in Italian and to whom I had posed my dilema asked me if possibly they could be one in the same... "of course not" was my reply.
The solution to this query was answered by a distant cousin who knew in fact that her grandmother (my g'aunt) was, and remained until her marriage, Alessandrina. She shortly thereafter became known as Elizabeth (at age 30) and viola! The rest, as they say, was history!
The point to his entry is:
Never, ever, assume there is no swaying on your family tree...when it comes to geneaology, those from the past can blow up a storm of unknown origin!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't forget!!!

Who Do You Think You Are? comes back to NBC and tonight is the night!!! Check your local listings for time. I am excited! There is nothing like getting an inside track on (perhaps a new) ways to research!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? Returns to NBC on the 4th of this month;I am very excited to see it! This week features Vanessa Williams. I find this show very interesting and occassionally there is a lead for another avenue to explore in my own journey.

Sunday, June 6, 2010 Obsessed (or perhaps I am a stalker!?)

I...have a page on Facebook. I never thought I would hear myself say that but is a fact. It is much to the chagrin of my daughter. As she gets a bit older I hope she realizes my time on earth is not spent following HER FB page.

I originally went on FB to keep in touch with all my 50-something friends from way back when but, as I began 'liking' various pages I discovered quite a few of them have origins in Scotland and Italy- my familial homelands! Now I belong to as many as I can find (although the Italian ones are a bit more difficult-learning Italian is on my bucket list).

Here's where my concern comes in...While on those pages I peruse the names of members and friends; if I see a name that is similiar to one in my genealogy research my heart and brain race! It takes everything I have not to immediately message them and begin the interrogation.

Granted some of the names are rather common and the odds are slim but one never knows... my Mcdonald could also be my MacDonald or McDonald! My Paladin could also be my Paladini or Paladino!!! Yikes, I can't let those opportunities slip past!

So as I ponder my obsession, I guess as long as I don't end up on their doorstep, it is okay to push the send button.

It can't hurt to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


As any genealogy addict can understand I am thrilled at having discovered a tidbit! You know that little teeny bit of information that confirms a thought, a memory, a wish? No matter how big, how small, how delicious, how sour...a tidbit can satisfy a hunger that tends to grows more and more every day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is 2010 FTM confusing to you?!

Uploaded the 2010 version of Family Tree Maker this week...

I am having a difficult time with:
merging w/out duplication
retrieving hints that show up on Ancestry but not FTM
inability to rename media per person on their work area
the list goes on...

Is anyone else frustrated?

I spent 40 minutes on the tech support line yesterday, only to discover the synchronization between Ancestry & FTM "just isn't available". Both are from the same company (so to speak) shouldn't they jive? Granted "one is a program and one is a site". I am not SO techno challenged that I didn't realize that.

I find, what should be a more progressive avenue each year, has become more limited.

Has anyone else gotten results that simplify the usage?